Dorrington Men’s Shed Inc.

1/11/2018: Welcome to our WordPress blog site. The webRevisedLogo1log site is under continuous development and designed to provide a platform to reflect the wishes and emerging format for our activities and projects. Shed Members and Visitors are encouraged to browse frequently to view and post comment/replies on progress and offer constructive editorial suggestions. In particular the Webmaster invites comment and suggestion for the rotational content of the Header Theme images above, currently portraying Australian historical, topical, wildlife and memorabilia. Ensuing conversation with some Members has already uncovered some interesting hobbies, and pursuits of an historical interest. For example, the motor bike passions of our early lives, was apparently a pastime that many of us enjoyed. Each of the foregoing matters gives opportunity to publish a suitable header montage.

Backup_of_Mission Statement PlaqueAfter due diligence and public debate, DMSI was officially formed and duly registered in August 2018 and has a core membership of 24 Members, growing frequently. We are fully accredited as an AMSA & QMSA Member, and the latest Shed of 26 in the Brisbane City Council area. Our ambition is to encourage local area male residents to visit and share their comradeship and vision with like-minded others. Our fully incorporated status and wholly owned web domain defines our independence from any other controlling influence and supports an open membership policy to all local residents who seek the fraternal elements of a true Aussie Shed. Most weeks now record ad hoc visits from Donors with tools and timber and local Seniors with suitable chores for our Members to involve with – from small building renovations, to furniture restoration and metal construction. The primary workshop area is constantly being expanded and altered to suit the emerging interests of Members.

The page entitled “WEEKLY DRILL” records random weekly events, projects, thoughts, ideas and matters of unfolding interest. Click open the page link above in the Header Bar. You can download printable copies to your personal printer.

Our physical location is at the Community Hall, behind and below the southern end of St. Michael’s Church, 250 Banks Street, Dorrington, accessed by vehicle through the main carpark, and down the corner ramp to ample parking.  The large community hall where we now meet, also

Shed Exterior2Shed Exterior3

offers a sub-floor area of over 120 m2 that is under planned development for workshop activities that might be expected at a traditional Australian Men’s Shed. Structural plans have been formulated and permanent enclosure of most of the sub floor area is slowly happening to accommodate wood & metal working activities, modelling hobbies, general handyman projects, fund raising projects and materials storage. A Shed Captain is in charge of all design layouts and machinery placements to ensure safe working practices. During our formative times, we meet on-site each Tuesday and Friday morning at 0900 until 1300 ($2.00 gold coin weekly contribution), holding a barbecue lunch on the last Friday of the month, ($5.00 for a beer, banger and bun). On Friday 14th December we held our 1st Christmas Shed Dinner at which 27 Members, wives, partners & friends attended. See “SOCIAL” (hotlink below) for smart photos taken at the Alderley Arms Hotel. On Saturday 9th March 2019, the Brisbane Archbishop was welcomed to meet the Committee & Members for an information session on our progress, ambitions and the Men’s Shed movement in Brisbane generally. Christmas in July Shed Dinner on 27th was successfully attended by 32 Members & Guests.

The Committee has resolved to encourage Members to participate in social activities; typically Open Debate, Pool, Darts, Cards, Nostalgia reflections, and the construction of a simple, easily mounted Possum Box, offered for public sale at $47.00, for essential funds raising.  Other passive activities are under regular review.  Illustrated below is our latest “Miracle Worm Farm” test project. Members can produce this artistic rendition using any style of decoration with public appeal. Original art forms are encouraged. “Stubby Cubby” dispensers are also proving popular (shown in production at page footer). $37. each at Shed Door.

The “Miracle Worm Farm” Project is underway after some prototype experimentation. 3 sizes will eventually be offered to keen local gardeners who wish to improve soil quality, into the garden bed directly, or into large or small planter pots. Miracle Worm Farm Flier 1The production entails considerable hand painting and imaginative freestyle decoration. Involved also is a wood lathing of the stopper tops, using recycled wood. Miracle Worm Farm Stopper Close Up11We’re planning to expand the painting bees, into a sit down, group activity exercise. So if you fancy some old-fashioned Australian blokey camaraderie, story telling, a game of 500, or challenge pool OR if you can paint, nail, glue, assemble and sandpaper plywood panels, then please join us. Membership is $50 annually each October 1st with a pro rata deduction ($5.00 per month thereafter).  Your subscription includes a proportional amount for AMSA Group Insurance, which is renewed annually each 28th February. A new Policy Schedule is available to view, which includes personal injury, revised theft & burglary cover and $40M public liability. All Members are encouraged to acquaint themselves with Policy Conditions. 

A Member can by choice enter the weblog site and participate in “blogging” which means that a fresh Comment can be posted (your email is not disclosed) OR you can ‘thread’ to an existing comment and participate in a topical commentary within an existing conversation. To join in the blogging click any comment shown under ‘Recent Comments’ right hand side, or click any hotlink below shown in blue highlights, Open Forum OR The Journey Begins OR SOCIAL 

Any page accepts Comments and Replies. Click a choice open and toggle between the three. Please signify your interest to the Editor to be registered as a Subscriber (email required).

ROGER WEBB LATHE VIDEOSRogerWebbBowl1Most importantly this site will open up to multiple page topics that cover all interests and moreover permit photos of activities and develop instructional video links to You Tube, Picasa and others as our fast moving electronic world develops. Feel free to verbalise suggestions and editorial content to a Committee Member or the Webmaster when you catch up on a Friday, or submit any ideas by email.

Shed Members are invited by the Committee to assist in the pursuit of the many Financial Grants that are open throughout the year. Initial progress is being made for the application of Projects and Tools Grants, but focus and application for any qualified online Grants Applications is vital for any new shed under formation. All assistance will be greatly welcomed, particularly in the obtaining of official quotes from vendors and materials suppliers. BuildingCartoon1Any and all suggested opportunities to connect with as yet, unknown Grant Donors, will be useful. There are few limitations for our vision and foresight on future development. The Community Hall sub floor area has undergone repairs to the structural support columns damaged by water seepage and the security enclosure is at lock-up stage.  

Dorrington Men’s Shed Inc. has full Membership of the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA101397) and Group Insurance under the AMSA Group Policy has been effected, providing adequate public and personal coverage. The Insurance Policy Schedule is available on request. We are also in the process of QMSA membership application, our State body, ensuring regular updates of Men’s Sheds interest in Queensland.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is the federally backed governing body for over 1,000 Men’s Sheds throughout Australia and offers wide support and updated information to AMSA Members. The linked website hereto, takes a reader to a very informative platform dealing with many aspects and locations of local Sheds. The DMSI Committee recommends that Members browse the AMSA site regularly for news and updates of Men’s Sheds nationally and locally (via QMSA Newsletters). Please contact us direct for any information about joining DMSI and our planned activities.

The email addresses below are ‘live’ hotlinks, simply click to open the ‘Compose’ page on your email server on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Your message content and email address is totally concealed and can only be viewed by the recipients as selected.

Shed Secretary email Address:


Above illustrates the De Walt Compound Mitre Sliding 305mm Saw on order from Trade Tools, together with the bonus stand and Impact Drill. Delivery soon. This is the 1st acquisition from the recent successful Gambling Grant.
Committee has sanctioned the acquisition of the latest item of Shed equipment funded by our recent Grant. Above photo shows a CarbaTec 250mm professional Table saw, equipped with a sliding table assembly, mitre jig, hi-lo fence, extension tables, castors. A 90mm dust port enables connection to the planned extractor system. This is a 10 amp plug, single phase, 2 HP motor design with heavy duty cast iron bearing mounts and should suit Shed operations for many years.
6th November 2019: Above image shows the Construction Plan for the proposed corner desk set of 3 modules designed specifically to accommodate the acquired PC system, now due for delivery and eventual installation. When completed the purpose built desk will function as a “Master/Tutor” unit enabling a 3 way access simultaneously for tuition and social media activities. The corner desk unit will be sited in the SW corner of the Hall, where the 65″ Akai TV will be stationed overhead and interfaced with the PC system. Construction of the above will begin soon in the Workshop, taking several Shed days and will hopefully be finished quickly, probably mid January.

32 thoughts on “Dorrington Men’s Shed Inc.”


    The hi-tech PC & TV system has been acquired and awaits delivery into the Shed for installation as soon as the corner desk accommodation can be built. Construction plans, Artist’s sketch, Cutting Lists, & Materials Checklist have also been completed, awaiting Committee ratification for the budgeted costs on Tuesday next. Sketches and Plans are at view – bottom Home Page.

    1. PC & TV UPDATE

      Enthusiastic debate on this matter has concluded in the adoption of all tabled plans and desk fittings. Construction will now begin, anticipating an end of January 2020 installation. Off Shed days will be involved by the cabinet making gang. The computer equipment is to be collected asap and stored safely in the Workshop until connection. Kindly observe Shed workshop floor niceties while this construction work is in progress. Keep the working area clear and note that many separate module items (over 68) are in play. It is vital that the materials are kept separate from any other Shed Project.


    The Committee has sanctioned the placement of an order with Carba-Tec in Wakerley for the mid December delivery of a powerful Table Saw, shown above. This will be the 3rd purchase from the recent Grants funding, namely, a triple station computer system custom designed with hi-tech and gaming attributes, 3 keyboards and monitors, plus a 65″ projection (wall mounted) Akai TV, and a 305mm De Walt sliding compound mitre saw, also shown above. Plans are afoot to accommodate the PC system in the Hall on a customised corner desk, to be built in the Shed.

    In order to ensure accurate and efficient placement of Workshop machinery (there’s more to be ordered), a Sub Committee has been formed to organise workflow and Project Management, Operations Manuals and a Tools Inventory.

    These are exciting times for DMSI, when we can now – finally – get together as a cohesive group and plan for a rosy future. Considerable effort by Committee Members has resulted in an accurate analytical comparison of machinery to be acquired in due course, and thanks are tabled for the enthusiasm and output of all Members.


      This week we have collected the De Walt 305mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw and placed in the Workshop, awaiting installation. This was our 1st acquisition from the recent Grant and won a bonus of a Saw Horse and additional battery tools as part of a De Walt marketing campaign. The 2 bonus items are being traded off in exchange for preferred options.

      The high-tech Computer system & 65″ TV are with the Supplier, awaiting collection and Workshop storage while the Committee debates the proposed corner desk accommodation, that requires a high security profile when installed in the Hall. The proposed desk arrangement is designed to accommodate a Tutor & 2 Students at one time, all in parallel – utilising 3 wireless work stations – and overhead projection for observers. Smartphone interface with the TV will make Shed social life very interesting.

      The Carba-Tec Panel Saw is expected in early December and will be assembled onsite. Test placement on the Shed floor is a matter for the newly formed Sub Committee to ensure work flow and safety to operators. Timely to record at this stage that members wishing to operate any item of power machinery must demonstrate familiarity and skill. The Shed Captain has the final say for releasing control of floor machinery. Demonstrations will follow the installation of any item of machinery.


    Today Len & I attended the AGM and met with several old friends, one in particular from Pine Rivers Shed. We hope to organise an inter shed visit in February next year. The AGM was poorly attended, only 6 Sheds represented, but the future promise augurs well for QMSA, with great promises ahead. No website yet, but shortly, we’re advised. QMSA is seeking a Metro North Representative – a vital part of the growing organisation. So if there’s a DMSI Member with this inclination, we can place you in touch.

    It is important that DMSI, as a fledgling group itself, conjoin with QMSA at every opportunity, to bolster the communal support and effort made by a group of enthusiastic Executive volunteers, who often labour in the face of political opposition at Federal & State level. It’s a continuous battle for recognition of Men’s Sheds needs – and funding. DMSI Members kindly re-visit your thoughts over this backup group, and join we DMSI representatives at the next opportunity. If the boys from the bush (Lowood) can send 4 Reps – what can we locals do?


    Denis is investigating an alternative venue for the 2019 DMSI Shed Dinner on Saturday December 7th.

    Committee today concluded that a Social Dinner for Members, Wives, Partners, Friends & Guests is booked at the Stafford Tavern at 6.00 pm on Saturday 19th October, so that we can evaluate the venue and confirm the Christmas Dinner booking now made in advance. All are welcome to join those already committed to the trial run. Ring Denis to confirm a seat. Pay as you go. See Shed Notice posted to the home page.


      As reported under the “SOCIAL” page, 9 Members, wives & partners gathered for dinner at the Stafford Tavern. The outcome of which is a forward booking for the Shed Dinner on Saturday 7th December at 6.00 pm. Consensus by Committee Members present was for a 40 seat booking in the quietest spot in the general restaurant. Forward planning for this event is with Denis, kindly advise your attendance by registering when signing in on Shed opening days.


    Today, Ian, Brian and Derek advanced the western wall development with a major step towards completion. Undercoating of the wall, end gables and cabinet doors takes us almost halfway towards completion next month. Pictured above are the results of ‘dirty pour’ acrylic art on 4 of the doors prior to hinging. The 3 lads got down and dirty with rubber gloves, palettes and multi coloured paints to produce some fine pieces of expressionist art. All Members are welcome to join in and experience the satisfaction of art production.


      The 3 Musketeers (Brian, Ian & Derek) today completed the ‘dirty pour’ acrylics on the gable shelving for the Arts & Crafts centre of the workshop. Serious down and dirty acrylics wet pouring monopolised the morning with fantastic results, with Brian knee deep in Stubby Dispensers as a bonus. Watch this space for more photos.

  6. Committee Representation

    Yesterday at 3.00 pm, 3 Committee Members led by our President Peter B, met with Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge at St Stephen’s Cathedral, to present the Stubby Dispenser created last March on the occasion of his visit to our Shed. The Archbishop warmly welcomed us and we were able to update him on progress to date and discuss general matters of potential Member’s growth and our related efforts in that direction.


    Committee has ratified modifications to the western wall area of the workshop, where the sink troughs and steel benches are located. It is proposed to allocate the entire area to an Arts & Crafts facility, creating bench top space and wall shelving storage for art works in progress. Eventually if we are successful in receiving the BCC Grant for an Engraver/Router, then that equipment also will be installed in the north west corner. The recently acquired wood lathe will be placed on the right side steel benchtop, (modified) for safe lathe operation. In due course, we shall begin processing DAR pallet planks into framed artworks. All Members are invited to register expressions of interest to get involved with artworks experimentation.


      Tests today, turning rough blanks for Worm Farm Stoppers, established beyond doubt that the lathe is unsuitable for safe operations in the trial location on the r/h/s/ steel trough bench. Height is unsuitable, vibration control impossible for the security of the bench fasteners, and on 2nd thoughts unsafe when other Members are present. Back to the drawing board. Updated photos of current offsite production are shown above.


    Today Len & I attended a BCC Information Session at Chermside Library, 2 attendees of about 60 people or so, from all walks of Community Life. BCC Grants are widespread over many sectors and most community interests are catered for. Our attendance in no way guarantees success for the current grant which closes next month, but be assured we are doing our best to share in the $20K up for application. We have an able volunteer to assist us in Vicki G, who will probably attend the Shed tomorrow and we’re shortly also to rendezvous again with Kelly T, the BCC Shed Area Officer to pilot our application through the many portals.

    Over the months passed, Members have been made aware of DMSI active Grants attempts – none of which so far – have been successful, but the Gambling Grant is still under application with a whole raft of tools and equipment applied for. Similarly the current BCC Grant, together with an Australia Post Grant is open for nominations of Shed development items.

    Members are always welcomed to participate with outline Projects, costings and details, and furthermore to assist in the arrangement for quotes and specifications etc. The AMSA “Shoulder to Shoulder” catch-cry seems more applicable than ever. Let’s make it work.


    A few photos taken last week have been uploaded to the main page. Shots show progress to the internal layout and to some of the lads fitting a new timber top to one of the steel bench frames. Apologies for the low quality of photos, must dig out my faithful SLR.


    As posted to the weblog site page headers and within the editorial, the DMSI Shed is again convening a Shed Dinner – “Christmas in July 2019”. The invitation is open to all Members, Wives, Partners, Family, Friends and Guests. Pay as you go, individual billings as before, ably managed by the Alderley Arms Staff. The gathering is at 6.00 – 6.30 pm Saturday evening, 27th July 2019 and we look forward to a happy throng again, sharing the many experiences since December last year. Our 1st Anniversary approaches with a great deal accomplished on a very small budget and we can all raise a toast to the future. The Committee has been busy with establishing our future direction and many other Members have each delivered a major contribution to our progress. A big Thank You to all.

    Denis will appreciate confirmed bookings immediately if you please.


      The Brains Trust on Friday 12th indicated that the earlier proposed 5.00 start time was too early for St Michael’s parishioners, so now 6.00 – 6.30 has been suggested for most attendees. Others might still wish to gather at 5.00, particularly if a prompt meal is essential. OK to order when you arrive, as the Pub Staff will no doubt time all meals together.

  11. BCC Men’s Sheds Grants 15th July – 26th Aug 2019

    The Grants Sub-Committee advises the opening next month of a BCC Grant $2,000 – $20,000 to successful Shed applicants. DMSI qualifies to apply, so we open an invitation to Members to table ideas and suggestions asap. Put on your thinking caps and advise either Len or Derek with details, not just a passing conversation. Costs and details please.

  12. UPDATE

    3 Stubby Dispensers were sold on Sunday at the Parish Lunch, adding to the promising demand for our unique product. Watch this space!

    The Committee meets on Tuesday 28th May at 12.30 to take on its mantle of Grants Sub Committee. Several Grants are now in the pipeline, with a highly ambitious option about to be lodged on Friday 31st next. If successful (and we won’t know for several months) all our machinery ambitions will be funded. We continue to seek out every opportunity to raise revenue from the widest (and wildest) opportunity that any Member can suggest. Kindly follow the Shed Captain’s direction when prioritising tasks in the workshop, as revenue raising is a priority.


      Due diligence by Len & Derek has resulted in 2 Grants Applications now in lodgement with separate Donors. A major application for a wide variety of woodworking machine tools, and MIG/TIG welding equipment has been defined that will equip the new workshop to cater for most applications. Additionally, a powerful computer with CorelDraw graphics software and another branded 3D CAD-CAM design capability, 2 parallel slave units and an A3 printer and wall mounted TV, has been included to facilitate tutorials. The current Weekly Drill provides more detail of the machinery. Eventually we shall have the capacity to work up professional designs for any manufacturing project. It will be some time before an outcome is advised. We have also applied for Grants funding of $2,000 for the workshop electrical works in hand.

      The Grants Application process is a vital ongoing commitment for the DMSI Grants Sub Committee and Member contributions to a “Wishlist” are vital for any future success. No suggestion will be passed over, so put your thinking caps on and table your ideas, with supporting details for early consideration.

      Any thoughts and notions regarding grant applications for Community Hall capital building improvements have been shelved so far as DMSI is concerned. The Sub Committee has defined these areas as best suited to the Parish Council and its responsibilities for compliance in facilities improvements, such as wheelchair accessible toilet facilities. We expect that a recent Parish compliance survey will reveal any shortcomings, and will be a matter for the Parish.


    The Committee has this week developed a mailout exercise to Captains of Local Industry for support with donations of unwanted tools, materials and goods that may have some value for DMSI. This exercise is a repeat of an earlier highly successful campaign conducted by another formerly connected shed in Brisbane. Since those days there is an AMSA announcement that donations of cash might also be tax deductible to qualified Donors & Recipients (DMSI might qualify). The target industries will hopefully donate substantial building materials and unused or defunct machine tools for our usage and restoration. We urge all members to get involved with this outcome that might call for trucks and trailers and manual lifting when arranged.


    Despite high hopes and a thoughtful application, we have been unsuccessful this time. The hoped for funds allocation in May would have provided a community spirited project for Seniors and much needed industrial machinery for our new workshop. However we have indicated our future interest and will lodge another application when invited to do so. Our thanks to the KWSC Board of management for their appraisal. We shall return.


    Our 1st public customer took delivery of 8 Stubby Cubbies for family & friends, yesterday. Our thanks to Ros for her support and appreciation of our labours, all in the interests of DMSI advancement. It is greatly encouraging to be supported in this manner and we can proceed with all enthusiasm to unravel the market place to find opportunities to generate interest. Photo above.


    The 1st Tuesday Shed Day opening was witness to The Ladies giving a helping hand with the Stubby Cubby Project. Pictured above are Member’s wives and Guest wielding the paint brushes using their creative talents to produce phenomenal results of graduated shades and effects. DMSI is greatly appreciative for their help and enthusiasm. We’ll soon build a stock of Cubbies ready for marketing. Imagery is changing with experience and further experimentation is afoot. The Archbishop has registered his interest.


    Committee & Members welcomed Archbishop Mark Coleridge for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, during which time we were able to describe the many hopes and aspirations that we hold for the future of our Men’s Shed. Bishop Mark is 100% behind us in our endeavours and greatly appreciates the work that we are doing for the community. We were able to enlighten him of the Men’s Shed movement generally, but more specifically of our presence in Brisbane as being an independent, incorporated Shed on Catholic Church premises.


    The Shed has gained good response from recent publicity from the Church Parishioners and an order for 9 units placed with Peter. Our stock of 4 has already been depleted, requiring now a focus on production asap. The Project was started as a fund raising attempt, triggered by a sample donated to DMSI and duly decorated with “Dot Art”, hoping that Members would pick up a paint brush and follow the example. Above are photos taken from an off-site production facility, to show the methods used to prepare the 90 mm water pipe for base painting, prior to decoration. Included also are examples of the finished product. The Committee invites participation from all members to muck in with this relaxing pastime.


    Another day at DMSI, welding, planing, de-nailing, discussion, site planning, collecting, playing pool, tea-drinking, project reviewing. In all about 12 Members getting stuck in to various tasks. Slowly order is emerging from chaos, with over lapping ideas and tasks getting under way. Special mention today to Ian & Brian for accomplishing the down and dirty task of stripping hardwood planks, to Neil for his prolific production management of dressing up the pine planks in the planer for the barrow project, and to Peter, Gavin, Lindsay and Colin for their activities. Denis is finishing off the welding treatment to the steel supports. In all a hive of activity today under the ever watchful eye of Garnet. Much wheelbarrow design discussion between Len, John & Derek and examination of the prototype on hand with Gavin, Mick & Peter, and opinion offered on future production and marketing. It’s all starting to come together. Well Done All. Archbishop’s attendance confirmed for Saturday March 9th. Peter will arrange a formal meeting with all attending Members. ID Badges Please!!

  20. ACTION

    Team work in evidence!! Just a few days after a chance reading in The Seniors Newspaper about an Aged Care Residence in Kallangur, getting involved with possum box production, and cross action by the DMSI Production Team, a follow through is reported. Donations of material are being arranged with the Residence Convenor. We await the outcome with interest. Goodwill works all round.


    The important appointment of Shed Captain by the Executive of DMSI has been accepted by Garnet Foley. Garnet is granted full authority for Shed workshop development. Such responsibility encompasses layout & design of the sub floor workspaces, machinery placement and safety operations. The Shed Captain will also direct daily tasking priorities in accord with Project targets and all constructional support. A weekly task priority will be published and all Members are requested to support Garnet and the Committee in making things happen in a safe and orderly manner. DMSI is entering a vital stage in its development and a managed plan is fundamental to progress.


    Great activity at DMSI today. See who does the heavy lifting and check out the Overseers! Great fun had by all on a very hot day, The external cladding, roller door and personal door are almost completed and structural repairs to columns and concrete are under way. Wire will be added on the western side to complete security. It follows that the internal fitout needs to be carefully planned for work benches, machinery and storage. Many thanks to all Members who contribute in every way, you can enjoy a beer, banger and bun next Friday.

    1. UPDATE

      The WordPress site has now been functional for over 2 months, during which time many extra features have been added, all of which are designed to attract Member use. The Committee invites contribution from Members without restriction for ideas, projects and activities that will broaden the Shed development. In particular the Committee will appreciate a Member taking up any reasonable opportunity to assist Project construction and/or table fund raising ideas that have merit and will attract other Members to participate. Recent animated conversation with Members gave rise to the Webmaster’s suggestion for a Member to organise and manage an appropriate Brainstorming Session for any topic that has not previously been tabled, or is deemed suitable for another review. Kindly view the additions to “Upcoming Construction Projects”.

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