The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not the men in your life that counts, it’s the life in your men. – Mae West

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10 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”


    DMSI is now well into its 1st year of registration, with 20 registered paid up Members and a few more visiting to work us out. The months have flown by, with more and more regular activity happening during the week. In the workshop, the 1st metal bench frame is being prepared for a timber top and several more alterations are being attended to. Security on the western side is also complete and vandals will have a more difficult task if mischief is afoot. Youth delinquency is a problem to be addressed by ourselves and our landlord, the Parish Council, if we are to eradicate this issue. Fund raising is being attended to by the Committee, which has now formed a sub group to meet alternate Tuesdays to examine progress on Grants and to update new opportunities. We welcome any and all feedback from alert Members who can suggest an hitherto unexplored possibility. A fresh approach to Donor identification has been launched to invite support from local Industry and a renewed focus on the political representation is happening with Local, State & Federal politicians being made aware of our existence and support.


    Workshop activity is increasing at a fast pace, with Members really getting down and dirty each Friday morning. Pallets are being utilised for timber racks and also de-nailed for the Wheelbarrow Project. A prototype barrow design is under way off-site as a prelude to mass production. The essential appointment of the Shed Captain is an important development in the Shed history and we can now look forward to a central focus on design and layout for all workshop requirements. A formidable list of tools and equipment, with appointed space for each machine footprint is on hand, together with planned bench construction, layout and materials handling. Noticeably too, are the repairs to the steel column supports, ably dealt with by Denis and his welder. We shall have a strong message to deliver to the Brisbane Arch Bishop on his inspection visit next month.

    Interesting also is the drift mid-morning to the kitchen upstairs for morning tea and biscuits and the inevitable gathering on the verandah for chit-chat with Members who are not comfortably navigating the stairs to the sub-floor. The Pool table activity and Cards games might resume again soon. Our paid up membership now registers 19, a pivotal point in the numbers game when the membership can alternate between the many activities under way. Note too the pile of mulch ready for our next project – DMSI Garden Mulch Delivery Service. This potential fund raiser has great promise for a steady cash flow, with the cooler weather ahead for gardener’s interests. Father Tom has published the offer in the Parish Newsletter.


    Another sale today of a Possum Box par excellence! a Paying Customer from far away Mount Gravatt (where there is a 200 Member strong Men’s Shed). Well done team, another result for Project 1000.


    Modifications are being made daily, sometimes hourly, to the site and various pages. New blog pages are being added, each containing more Shed information that is relevant to our growth. In particular, the Shed Dinner has been organised and the Committee will appreciate Members & Guests, Visitors and Family members, being booked in for Friday 14th at the Alderley Arms Hotel.


    Garnet, just for you.

    Note firstly the blued (linked) URL above shows how a You Tube clip can be published and secondly note that my personal Avatar is missing, ‘cos I’ve entered the site as a de facto DMSI Editor, which at this time has registered for an avatar, hence the default icon.

  6. The 2 nominee Editors-in-training will gladly develop their editorial skills in a positive progressive manner. The medium is new to most of us, as Editors and Subscribers, so kindly be patient if at first your Comment fails to appear. All subscribed content is moderated before publication and this might delay appearance. So Members and Visitors, no need to repeat the process, just wait awhile and your name will appear in print (but NOT your email for privacy reasons).


      Garnet, couldn’t help but notice today, that your ears pricked up and your thoughts immediately raised the prospect of connecting with ‘Dorrington” in Shropshire UK. According to Wikipedia Dorrington is a small village south of Shrewsbury with a population (in 2008) of around 600+. Doubtful that there’s enough blokes to form a Shed, but who knows? the movement in the UK is gathering momentum. See the hotlink above. The exercise here is to illustrate how a hotlink to another chosen site can be factored in.

  7. Member Comments for site development will be greatly appreciated. Ours is a joint effort and an upward learning curve. We will persevere as Joint Editors under tuition and direct the formation of the weblog site in a manner befitting the interests of The Committee and Members. We invite regular and meaningful participation on all published matters and additionally a Member’s views and opinions on blog site development. Thank You. Brian B & Garnet F.


      Notice how this “Reply” to the original above is forming up as a (slightly indented) “thread”, and encourages the development of opinion on any particular topic. In time the page width inhibits the number of replies (10 limit). Then begin a fresh Comment.

      PS: The small image of the writer is called an Avatar and is developed via WordPress registration. The Avatar appears each time the individual logs onto any universal weblog site. Behind the Avatar is a background story of the individual, as narrow or as broad a synopsis as might be required.

      PPS: Note also that the ‘blued’ text on the personal ID indicates a “hotlink” which is accessed by clicking that highlighted text. The reader is then transported to the personal links behind that individual, or another web site as constructed in weblog protocols.


        Note again the ‘thread’ indentation from above. Just a friendly nudge to the Committee. Grants are now open as shown in the Widget “STOP PRESS” column to the right hand side of the page. Essential to pre-prep the Shed status to qualify, or we’ll miss the window. Essential too, that a willing Member take upon the role of Grants Team Leader in these early days of Shed development. Some $100K’s of community funds will be released in early mid 2019, but the window of application in some cases, will close quicker than you can blink. Tempus Fugit!

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