On Friday 14th December, 27 Members, wives, partners, friends & guests gathered at the Alderley Arms Hotel to celebrate the Shed’s 1st Shed Dinner. Many ladies knew each other from school days and of course Church functions. Two long tables in a semi private area were handsomely decorated by the Hotel Staff, who made us all very welcome and efficiently dealt with the orders in a highly professional manner. The food was high quality and competitively priced. No doubt the Alderley Arms will see a return booking for “Christmas in July” in 2019.

The Secretary was appointed Shed Photographer of the Day, and the results are shown in a random WordPress gallery option below. Click an image to enlarge. Please advise the Editor for copy files if required. ID a photo by hovering your mouse over an image.

The Editor/Webmaster invites any Member to forward photos for publication, noting that names are not published without permission under Shed Policy.


Open Forum

Our weblog site is under construction and relies on the input from Members & Guests who wish to make a constructive input for our onward development. WordPress offers a wide and varied platform for social communications and the Webmaster invites any and all usable comment.



During the month of June, I experimented with the conversion of 150mm diameter stormwater pipe into 750mm cut lengths, with a lathed stopper cap made from recycled pine, retrieved from pallets and elsewhere. 35mm holes were holesawed into the base and the entire unit decorated with random art. This experiment continues with some highly pleasing results. The outcome, with the addition of red worms, has resulted in a working worm farm, ready for garden bed, or planter pot.