A randomly dated Shed publication informing Members & Visitors of events and projects as our story unfolds. Commentary and editorial snippets from Members are invited. Tuesday night is the cut-off time for contributions. The Shed Secretary will email the most recent Weekly Drill by attachment to each member with a registered email address. Members can then download to a personal printer. This will minimise costs for printing for manual distribution. The intent of this Shed communique is to impart information for various Projects that are under way for fundraising activity, and for Grants content. Members are invited to add to the “Shed Wishlist” for tools & machinery. Additionally, there are many items under planning that can be simply supported by Members who can nail, glue, paint and clamp re-cycled materials. Check with Shed Captain.


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    This edition is published at page header above. It differs slightly from the one in circulation, content identical. Members please note the information therein, the detail signifies a substantial milestone in Shed history.


    The Weekly Drill is usually published weekly – with some exceptions – and frequently contains editorial items that are topical so far as Grants Application are concerned – or – calls for Member activity that will assist the advancement of the DMSI Shed in general. Committee will appreciate all follow through across the board, as now (in September 2019) we have progressed quite markedly since the early days, with the assistance of many hard working Members. The AGM has been diarised for February 2020, at which time we aim to have the Workshop operational, after a major tidy up and hopefully some machinery acquisitions.

  3. Current edition for June 6th 2019

    An Information Update to all Members is posted to the page header. Each Weekly Drill appears in chronological order when published. Member are invited to submit items for publication, plus photos. Simply email to Editor at


    DMSI Committee has actioned a plan to keep all Members up to date with Shed developments by holding brief information sessions during the Friday morning break. Additionally an extra Weekly Drill will be tabled for perusal, making better use of this Shed communication tool that appears to have only a small readership – at this stage – despite its exposure on the weblog site. Much hot air is bandied around the workshop, over matters that have either been decided upon, or are in the pipeline, and Committee hopes to answer all the valuable suggestions being made by enthusiastic Members, by this weekly action.


    On Tuesday 16th April, Committee has ratified an attempt to widen Membership by circulation of the above Invitation to local residents. The idea is that each current Member will take 10 – 12 copies of the April Newsletter Invitation and mailbox each accordingly in the street where you live. This will broaden the awareness of our existence and possibly attract a local bloke to pay us a visit. Further attempts to gain the assistance for wider publication are being sought from Local State, Federal and Council Members to underwrite the costs of colour printing. Here’s hoping.


    Published at page header is the latest Weekly Drill hot from the press! Members will note that Committee is applying some Health & Safety rulings that are deemed essential for the smooth running of the DMSI operation, particularly where machine tools and a workshop environment is concerned. Tools placement, access for benches, walkway clearance and personal space are all matters that sensible people expect to be standard in any manual theatre of operations in industry. So too are dress codes that need to be adhered to for the prevention of accidents. Membership at present is 18, and few rather than many, gather in the Workshop. This will change in due course when power access, benches and machine tools are installed and a perimeter factor will be essential if many bodies are milling around.


    Committee has ratified the latest Weekly Drill for publication, now shown at the Header. All the latest information for Workshop Progress & Projects.


    Following an order for 9 Stubby Cubbies, which is testing our production capacity, the Editor is publishing a guide for Members to get involved in the ongoing production of this apparent popular item. Just follow the listed procedure and examine the photos that illustrate the tested process. We are heading for uncharted waters with this product, priced at $37 currently, with mailing costs of an additional $18 anywhere on the Eastern seaboard. Value of course is in the mind of the Purchaser, but it may well be that an asking price of $70 mailed anywhere, is feasible, if we experiment with popular images (that are not copyrighted), such as Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Cricket and other popular Aussie Sports. Who knows?

    Readers will observe that THE WEEKLY DRILL is a randomly dated publication, designed mainly as a direct Information Sheet for Members, that can be downloaded to a personal printer or laser printed as a handout during Shed opening days. Clearly not all members are computer savvy, and this Newsletter is designed as a substitute to circulate when important information arises. Feel free to suggest content at all times, the Editor will be pleased to include items in the next issue.

    1. UPDATE

      Members please note the publication of the proposed weekly update, this one (above at page header) commencing 21st June last. The intent is to broadcast each issue by email to all registered members. Kindly peruse and feedback to Editor. Contributions are invited.

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